Products that will help you when hunting or capturing hunts on video.

Tree Pee Trestand Urinal Kit

TREE PEE Urinal Spittoon Kit $4.95

  Use this kit  to eliminate game spooking odors produced when nature calls or using tobacco products. Weighs 3 oz.

Kit Contains: 16 Inch Forest Green Lanyard with rustproof bulldog clip; 5 Heavy duty re-sealable bags (freezer type bags); Detailed Instructions.

camera mounting swing arm

Tree Stand Video Camera Mounting Swing Arm

High quality and smooth operation to improve your footage from a Deer stand.

See the Video Camera Arm page for more information

Wind Sense Wind Detection

WIND SENSE- Wind Direction Indicator $3.95

Scent free wind direction indicator for hunters.  This unit sprays a fine mist of atomized water into the air which will detect even the slightest breeze.
Refillable and reusable

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The Hunters Harvest DVD video

The Hunters' Harvest Instructional Video on DVD
Deer cleaning and processing video.

Reduce mess, save time and money, improve hunting skills, learn, and be entertained all in one video!!

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Buy it here for only $13.95 (Lowest price on the web)

Eastern Wild Turkey Tactics

Eastern Wild Turkey Tactics on DVD-
Turkey hunting and cleaning video.

Learn the tactics used to prepare, set-up, hunt, harvest and clean 10 wild Turkeys!

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Adventure Video Outdoors TV

Adventure Video Outdoors DVD-

Purchase your copy of our outdoor program as seen on TV.

 Includes extras and deleted scenes not shown on TV. Be sure to include the episode number in the provided block.

$12.95 Free Shipping!

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Adventure Video Outdoors T-Shirt

Adventure Video Outdoors T-Shirt $10.00

 Choose from 3-designs; Deer , Coyote, or Deer/Coyote/Duck combo. Contact us for special colors or size options

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Camouflage Bible

Pocket Size Camouflage Bible $3.95

Pocket Size New Testament Psalms and Proverbs

Perfect for carrying with you in a shirt pocket or fanny pack.

Adventure Video Hats

Adventure Video Embroidered Hats

One Size Fits All- Your Choice of Colors  Click on the picture to make your selection.

$10.00 Each + $3.25 Shipping & Handling.

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  Adventure Video Bobcat Mousepad

Adventure Video Outdoors Mousepad $3.99

Adventure Video Outdoors Mousepad featuring a Bobcat with the words "Adventure Video Outdoors".