Video Transfer Services are available for those customers needing their videos, films, or old slide shows transferred to a more usable media.

Click on the needed service link below for more information. Please review the Service Agreement prior to requesting service. Please email us if the information you need is not here or for any questions/concerns.

Check the Price List page for service pricing.

VHS to DVD Transfer

We can transfer your old VHS (VCR) tapes to DVD with or without editing adding chapter points for quick searching and viewing of you favorite scenes. We can also add music, titles, dates, narration, picture in picture, (news cast effect) or enhance your video to maximize your viewing experience. Anything is possible you just tells what you would like and will make every effort to see that you are satisfied.

 Please submit a Service Request for your specific needs.

Camcorder to DVD Transfer

  Camcorder or home movies can be transferred to DVD providing a more stable media and better control over your video selections. Some camcorder tapes cannot be played in standard VHS adapters and require either a specialized player for the particular tape or playing directly from the camera into an input device such as a VCR, DVD player, or video inputs on your TV. This extra playing from you camcorder causes excessive wear on the camcorder drives and heads and is quite inconvenient for searching through the video. Adventure Video accepts all known consumer grade video media including VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, Digital 8, Mini DV, and DVD

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Camcorder to VHS Transfer

The service is still provided however, since the introduction of DVD Adventure Video recommends DVD. As always, we are here to serve you and will transfer your video onto the media of your choice.

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Film to DVD Transfer

We can transfer your old films to DVD to improve viewing and insure long term durability. DVD is very stable and is projected to last up to 100 yrs. with no loss in quality. Music, narration, titles, and menus can be added to organize, enhance and document each section of film provided. Film transfers need to be done as quickly as possible since those old films will deteriorate with time and eventually be lost completely to future generations.

We accept 8mm, super8, and 16mm films. Films with sound will be transferred with the original soundtrack if possible. Silent films may be narrated by you, or from your written text. Music can be added as well. Please review our Service Agreement prior to submitting your music. Infringement free music is available at your request.

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Film to VHS Transfer

Generally the same service as Film to DVD above, but transferred to tape for viewing on a VCR.

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Slide Show to DVD Transfer

Old slide show photos can be transferred to DVD using the same methods as Film to DVD. These can be captured from the individual slides or pre-arranged by you in the projector cylinders and captured from the projected image.

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