Video service prices in middle Tennessee

This page displays a listing of charges for our services. Prices are subject to change. Contact us to schedule your event and receive a quote on your project.

 Compare our prices to other video services and see why our schedule fills up fast. We strive to provide the highest quality at the lowest price.  Select your package below and click to SCHEDULE YOUR PROJECT.

 VHS (VCR) to DVD  (Max. 2hrs) $10.00/Tape 1 Disc. 1 Case Included, Additional Discs/Case $10.00*
 Camcorder to DVD (Max. 2hrs)  $10.00/Tape  1 Disc. 1 Case Included, Additional Discs/Case $10.00*
Camcorder to VHS (Max. 2hrs)  $10.00/Tape  1 Tape. 1 Case Included, Additional Tape/Case $10.00*
 Film to DVD $10.00/Reel ($50.00 Min.) Up to 2 Video Hours Includes 2 Discs/Cases
 Film to VHS  $10.00/Reel ($50.00 Min.)  Up to 2 Video Hours Includes 2 Tapes
 Slide show to DVD Based on # of slides  

* Disc and case prices are for standard case and label. Custom cases are and additional $5 each with one time set-up fee of $25.00

Please submit a Service Request  to schedule your wedding and tell us how we can serve you

  Music that you provide can be added to your project, however you are responsible for copyright infringements on the content you supply. Adventure Video can supply infringement free music at your request. Please see our Service Agreement about adding audio content.

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  • Hunting Videos

    • Minimum charge $75.00- Additional charges apply for guide services, cleaning/game handling, video editing, and still picture capture.

    * Prices quoted are for events within a 15 Mile radius of Shelbyville, Tn. Additional travel expenses will be added for travel outside this area.

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These are charged per event. Charges vary based on content, timing, camera angles needed number of cameras etc.Please submit a Service Request detailing your needs.

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    Pricing for these will depend on how the slides are to be captured. Individual photo slide capture is more time consuming and costly than video (telecine) capture. Additionally, the intended purpose plays a role in the content of the slide show and will affect the time required to complete the project. Please submit a Service Request and give as much information as possible and we will supply estimated cost and timing.

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  Instructional videos are generally very in depth and time consuming. These videos typically consist of a mixture of video, photo, graphic and audio work to effectively communicate to the audience the desired information. Please submit a Service Request with as much detail as possible for estimated cost and timing.

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