Eastern Wild Turkey Tactics, Set-up, Hunting, and Cleaning Instructional Video on DVD!

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Video Length Approx.- 112 Mins.

Warning! This video contains graphic content (butchering of wild animals). Viewer discretion is advised!

Learn the tactics used to prepare, set-up, hunt, harvest and clean 10 wild Turkeys!

Features:   This video has 10 hunts and 10 kills, in depth taxidermist demonstrations, and complete cleaning demonstrations using different tactics on two separate birds. The video is designed to help the average hunter be more successful in the field. Set-ups are shown with aerial photographs showing the position of the Turkeys and the hunter. Details are shown on blind construction, set-up, calling, taxidermy, and cleaning tactics with an emphasis on safety.

DVD Chapter List: 16 Chapters approx. 148 Mins.

  • Play All- Introduction, meet your host, learn how to pattern your shotgun and watch entire video.
  • Hunts 1 & 2- Watch a hunt showing effects of shotgun patterning and how to set-up a natural blind.
  • Hunt 3-Harvest of a gobbler from a natural blind complete with shots of the blind set-up and learn about calling with and without a call.
  • Solo Sneak- Watch a sneak attack on a 33 pound gobbler and learn about safety.
  •  Buddy Sneaks- See two hunts with friends and family as one bird tries to make his escape while the onlookers laugh hysterically.
  •  Hunt 7- Watch a 2006 opening morning hunt as a gobbler is harvested using simple mouth calling with no call.
  •  Hunt 8- Learn about crows and Turkeys' response as a gobbler is harvested
  • Taxidermy- Watch a demonstration on beard and breast feather removal and visit a professional Taxidermist for complete details on how to care for a Turkey you wish to mount and see a detailed demonstration professionally preparing a tail fan for mounting.
  •  Last Hunts- Learn how a combination of the previous tactics work to harvest two more gobblers.
  •  Cleaning- See a detailed cleaning demonstration as two birds are cleaned using two different techniques.

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