Customer Feedback Comments from purchasers of  The Hunters' Harvest field dressing and home processing instructional video.

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"Hunters harvest is one of the best videos of its kind hands down four stars. So good I had to mail y'all from texas thanks, " Jayce S.

"Ucky, but just what I wanted!" April H.

This is the best after the shot video I have ever seen. I have been hunting since I was big enough to fire a weapon big enough to drop a whitetail in the great state of Ky. Been cleaning them since before that with the knowledge of dad. But this video is a good refresh for hunters of all levels. I would highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend this video. A+ on the overall product provided in this video. Bobby D. Haddix-  Colorado Springs, Co

Trisha M. "Received my purchase in about 10 days all the way over here in Iraq. Couldnt be more happy with the service or product."

Tracy H. "great down to earth no frills video that has inspired me to process my next deer myself. If you are a beginner the field dressing segments will help you understand more than any illustration will. Just a great overall dvd on deer hunting start to finish."

     Its a great dvd if you havent dressed deer in a while or just interested in learning or picking up some new techniques. It is very well narrated and explained. Also shows you how professionals do it, also interesting to learn. Overall, one of the best on the market.  Tony (KC, MO)

Very well-done "home" style visual aid for learning how to field dress a deer. This guy is a country boy who doesn't put on any pretenses.-  Pappy (Northern California)

This video was not produced with a large expense account and that is what makes it as great as it is. It is made by somebody who has had much experience in the field and is more than willing to share their knowledge with everyone. There are many techniques that are extremely helpful; some of which I had never experience before. Good luck, good hunting, be safe, and most of all, God bless. Robert H. Davy "xrayman" Pacifica, California

at first i was like "oh crap, this looks like it's homemade", but after watching it it proved to be extremely informative and in depth. my favorite part was when the guy shows off his electric bone saw. By joe

   Prior to watching this video, I'd never processed my own deer nor seen one processed. After watching the DVD once and reviewing a couple chapters, I skinned and de-boned my first deer in about 45 minutes with no questions. This is a MUST HAVE video.  Jon Moravec -David City, NE

Your video taught me a new way of cleaning the upper body cavity of a deer. I had always used the traditional method of reaching up under the rib cage to remove the lungs and clean the chest cavity. Your video showed me how to improve upon the traditional methods, properly using knives and saws to make field dressing neater and more effective. The video and your explanations were easily understood and in sufficient detail that I'd feel comfortable to follow your instructions on my next opportunity, hopefully this fall." Thanks, Dave Keeney- Farmington Hills Michigan

John E.-  "Arrived in time for Christmas. My two teen grandsons can hardly wait until next deer season to start processing their deer."

Keith W.- "Prompt service and all the information I needed as a first time deer hunter."

   "I am a first time hunter and I thought this video was great. it was just (what) I was looking for, and I couldn't have asked for more. My dad was big into fishing and not much into the hunt, so I didn't really learn much about it growing up. With things being so busy now a days no one really has time to go out and show me (barney style) everything I wanted to know. This video really gives me the opportunity to watch and replay and learn the basics of cleaning my kill. Just wanted to say thanks to all involved, and I'm glad ya'll give glory to God and Jesus Christ, without them none of this beauty we have would be possible." God Bless and keep up the good work! Kyle Sargent- Boone, NC

"I am impressed. The thing I noticed most was, the doe field dressing demonstration was the cleanest I have ever seen. You completed the field dressing in record time with no blood on you. Great job!" Bill Gordon- Shelbyville, Tennessee

"Fast shipping, great product, one of the best and informative videos I've seen." Dave Calvert- Willowick, Ohio

 " I really am satisfied I bought this DVD. I know how to clean deer but this video shows some new and interesting techniques that make cleaning deer fast and easy. But best of all the meat will be safe to eat. Thxs!! Job well done!! Chris Lollar- Sipsey, Alabama

Gregory d.- "Good real life video. This guy knows what he's doing. Fast, friendly service. Have bought his Turkey hunting video also."

gerriecollins "Great movie on deer!"

joe227- "in my opinion, the price is a little high considering the quality of the video, but this video is far better than another one i purchased."

Luke F. "Very informative and taught this old dog some new tricks."