Predators and Prey Christian Eastern Wild Turkey and Coyote hunting. Watch this exciting episode of Adventure Video Outdoors and buy a DVD.

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Video Length Approx.- 60 Mins.

Warning! This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised!

Learn the about tactics Satan uses against us by learning how to hunt Turkeys and Coyotes

Features: Watch this entire episode of Adventure Video Outdoors  filmed entirely in Tennessee for free online!

 The internet version of this video is compressed for internet delivery. Purchase a DVD copy for full quality video.

DVD Chapter List: 6 Chapters approx. 60 Mins.

  • Play All-  Adventure Video Outdoors title sequence, explanation of episode storyline from Indian cave, watch entire video.
  • First Turkey Hunt- Getting into your set-up, Turkey hunt with kill, Satan's techniques explained, blind set-up and hunting preparations.
  • Second Turkey Hunt- Video of Turkey Gobbling while roosting in a tree, missed shot due to poor set-up preaparation, how to be successful after a missed shot, Turkey kill.
  • First Coyote Hunt-Coyote decoy and call explanations and how Satan uses then against us with Ben Hart, Coyote shot on the run with Toby Hobbs.
  • Second Coyote Hunt- Coyote hunt with Jason Jones and Ben Hart as another Coyote is called in aand shot.
  • Closing Scene- Return to the Indian cave for closing information about how to be prepared for the predator (Satan) and the prey.

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